One Pan Sheet Chicken Fajitas

One Pan Sheet Chicken Fajitas are an easy, delicious meal that will have your family and friends begging for seconds. Using just one pan, this meal is a breeze to prepare and cook. Start by preheating your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

In a large bowl, combine the ingredients for the fajita seasoning, including olive oil, chili powder, garlic powder, smoked paprika, oregano, cumin, and salt. Mix together until the ingredients are well-combined.

Next, cut large red bell pepper and one large onion into thin strips. Place the peppers and onions in a single layer on a large sheet pan. Drizzle the fajita seasoning over the vegetables, and toss until the vegetables are evenly coated.

Slice two large chicken breasts into thin strips. Place the chicken on top of the vegetables and season with the remaining fajita seasoning.

Place the sheet pan in the oven and bake for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, remove the sheet pan from the oven and add 1/4 cup of fresh cilantro. Toss the vegetables and chicken together until the cilantro is evenly distributed. Return the sheet pan to the oven and bake for an additional 10 minutes.

When the chicken and vegetables are cooked through and golden brown, remove the sheet pan from the oven. Serve the One Pan Sheet Chicken Fajitas on warmed tortillas with your favorite toppings, such as guacamole, sour cream, or salsa. Enjoy your flavorful, easy meal!

One Pan Sheet Chicken Fajitas

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Calories 470, Total Fat 17g, Saturated Fat 3g, Protein 44g, Carbs 34g, Fiber 4g, Cholesterol 125mg, Sodium 1,100mg, Sugar 6g.

The Mexican appetizer fajitas differs from similar burritos or tacos in that all the toppings are placed separately on the table and the guest himself puts whatever he wants on the tortilla. This is a great solution if you have a house party and you are running out of time to prepare treats. Gather everyone around a table centered on guacamole, sour cream, grated cheese, sauces, salsa, and a large baking sheet of roasted bell peppers and chicken. It will take you no more than half an hour to prepare such a dish. And to quickly finish with dirty dishes, first cover the baking sheet with foil.

Fajitas can be both a great picnic idea and a hearty homemade dinner. 
If desired, the filling for the dish can be laid out directly in the tortilla and fastened with a skewer, or you can serve meat with vegetables in a pan separately, and next to it there are fried tortillas and sauces to choose from. 

A long time ago, in the days of the Wild West, cowboys in Texas received cheap cuts of meat for their work when butchering a carcass. To cook food quickly, they cut them into thin strips or laces (faja - lace) and fried them on coals in camping pans.


  • 1 1 red bell pepper, cut into strips

  • 1 1 yellow bell pepper, cut into strips

  • 1 1 orange bell pepper, cut into strips

  • 1 large 1 purple or white onion

  • 2 tbsp. 2 olive oil

  • 1.5 pounds 1.5 skinless and boneless chicken breasts

  • 1 1 lime, juiced

  • 1 1 lime, cut into wedges for serving

  • 1 tsp 1 Salt

  • 2 tsp 2 paprika

  • 2 tsp 2 cumin

  • 2 tsp 2 chili powder

  • 0.5 tsp 0.5 pepper

  • 1 tsp 1 salt

  • 6 6 (8-inch) flour or corn tortillas, warmed

  • Grated cheese, guacamole, hot sauce, salsa, and sour cream, for serving


  • Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Line a baking sheet with foil or parchment paper.
  • Peel the onion and cut it into rings. Add them to a bowl.
  • Remove seeds and membranes from peppers and cut them into strips. Add them to the bowl.
  • Cut the meat into very thin strips and place into a bowl with peppers and onions. Mix chili powder, 2 tsp. in a small bowl. salt and 1 tsp. pepper. Sprinkle the mixture of peppers, onions, and chicken with the spices. Mix them well so the spices would coat all the ingredients. Place the peppers, chicken, and onions on the prepared baking sheet, and drizzle with 1 - 2 tbsp. of olive oil.
  • Roast in the oven until chicken gets tender, 15-20 minutes.
  • Reheat the tortillas in the oven or microwave and keep warm under a towel.
    Separately serve tortillas, salsa, sour cream, cilantro, and lime.
  • Fajitas are eaten like this: take the tortilla, put some meat with vegetables, add salsa and a couple of sprigs of cilantro, add sour cream (optional) and guacamole or pieces of avocado (optional), sprinkle with lime juice, and roll into a tube.

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  • If you don’t have cumin, you can use chili powder instead.
  • Everything is served with a tortilla and can be served with rice and sour cream.